Section MCL gives already since more than 25 year each Thursday evening Basic (ON3), HAREC and/or Morse (CW) courses in preparation of the BIPT exams. These courses are given by experienced amateur radio operators, and free of charge. Interested... just take a look at the contact information below, or just bring us a visit.


    Agenda 2011 - Basic (ON3) and HAREC

Additional Information

    Each lesson is accompanied by additional information provided by the instructor.

    ON3 Mailing list

    HAREC Mailing list


    Café Komisfeu
    Ontvoeringsplein 2
    2800 Mechelen
    Phone 015/20.67.69

More information

    Frans Verheyden (ON5GO)
    Groenstraat 46
    2800 Mechelen
    Phone 015/41.87.45